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Mike McMurray's Forestry and Commercial Photography

A few of the topics we have listed in our stock files..... if you don't see what you are looking for.... just ask!
Over 180,000 images currently in our STOCK PHOTOTGRAPHY files.

  • Forestry
  • Forest Photography
  • Forest Management
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Old-growth Forests
  • Western Forests
  • Douglas-fir Forests
  • Pine Forests
  • Eastern Forests
  • Hardwood Forests
  • Western Temperate Forests
  • Mountains -Scenic Vistas
  • Streams - Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Redwoods-Sequoias
  • Western Deserts
  • Wildlife
  • Forest Fires
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Endangered Species
  • Northern Spotted Owls
  • Pacific NW Salmon
  • Logging
  • Clear-cutting
  • Selective Harvesting
  • 2nd - 3rd growth Forests
  • Lumber Mills
  • Lumber Products
  • Fiber/paper Products
  • Environmental issues
  • Water Quality-management
  • Impact of Environmentalism on Western Communities

*Photo images are available for purchase for publication, website's, stock photo requirements, photographic displays, power-point presentations, video production, prints or other requests.
We only have a handful of images listed and shown on this site. Please contact us for other images you may be interested in purchasing.

About  Mike McMurray’s Forest and Commercial Photography:

Mike McMurray is an internationally respected outdoor photojournalist and commercial photographer who has over 35 years of photojournalism experience in America's forests. Mike’s photography regularly appears in international, national, and state publications including trade journals and association newsletters. Some of the publications that have included Mike's work include: the Oregon Logging Conference, Keep Oregon Green, Jim Petersen's Evergreen, and Oregon Forest Reports.

Mike specializes in forestry photography, scenic landscape photography, and wildlife photography. Mike’s photojournalism reflects his belief as a conservationist. He defines conservation as: 'making the best use of a resource,' which he believes can only be done by sustainably managing that resource through tested and proven scientific methods. 

Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography is a division of MEI Communications, which was established in Portland, Oregon in 1976. In 1983, the company relocated to Bend, Oregon. In 2010, the Company split into two divisions: MEI Communications and Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography. MEI Communications offers full service advertising solutions while Mike’s Forest Photography produces calendars, prints, commercial photography, videography, and stock photos for publication and advertising.


Mike’s McMurray's Forest Photography is beautiful, elegant, and affordable. Mike offers full range photographic and video production services. Check out Mike’s Video YouTube channel: he has uploaded a few programs for some clients.

Mike has over 180,000 photographic images in his stock files including forest fires, wildlife, and beautiful scenery.

Mike and M.E.I. Communications also produce video programs and documentaries, (over 300) covering a wide array of topics and products for a variety of clients throughout North America including: The Evergreen Foundation, York Building and Design, Eagle Crest, The Pacific Salmonid Foundation, American Forest Resource Council, the United States Senate - Resources Committee and JELDWEN, a partial list of video products may be viewed at MEI Communications website at:

A more detailed list of clients served over the last 30 years is available at:

Read Mike's Biography by the Oregon Logging Conference
featured in the Oregon Logging Conference Program in 1995.

More than just scenery photography  - serving North America visually since 1975
*over 180,000 images in our Stock Photography files  •  Be sure to to visit our  forestry photos | forest calendars


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