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Below are links to various sites of interest to those who are concerned about managing our Nation's natural resources and related issues.
Oregon Legislature Oregon State Legislature site and links for government.
Human Events on-line Since 1944 The National Conservative Weekly Newspaper. The best conservative journalists in America.
Newsmax America's News Page. News and stories not found anywhere else.
National Review The conservative weekly from Bill Buckley and company. Still pretty good stuff.
Cato Institude Conservative think tank site. 35 years advancing liberty.
Heritage Foundation A research and scientific think tank.
Alliance for the Separation of School and State - Great site for changing the current education system, which has gotten us into most of the trouble we are in today.
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise - Tracking threats to individual liberties, property rights and free markets.
American Forest Resource Council AFRC strives to provide a positive operating environment for the forest products community, representing nearly 100 forest product manufacturers and forest landowners -- from small, family-owned companies to large multi-national corporations -- in twelve states, west of the Great Lakes.
American Forest and Paper Association Excellent educational material for adults and children alike.
Evergreen Magazine is published periodically by the non-profit Evergreen Foundation. Incisively written, beautifully photographed and illustrated, the award-winning journal is the most widely read forestry magazine in the world. New York property rights group leading the fight for private property rights.
Heartland Institute is a genuinely independent source of research and commentary founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1984. It is not affiliated with any political party, business, or foundation.
Forest Resources Association - The Mission of the FRA is to promote the best interests of wood fiber suppliers and consumers in the economical, efficient, and sustainable use, and stewardship, of forest resources to meet wood fiber needs through private enterprise. Formally known as the American Pulpwood Association.
California Forestry Association (CFA) is a trade association, lobbying firm that represents mills and loggers on public and private lands.
California Redwood Association (CRA) is the trade association for redwood lumber producers. The member mills of the CRA produce quality products and are dedicated to responsible stewardship of their private redwood forests. Individually and through the Association, these companies are working to make sure that there will be a continuous supply of redwood products from their mills.
Western Wood Preservers Institute (WWPI) Helping to train and educate in the realm of wood preservation, chemicals and environmental issues surrounding them.
Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL) is a Logging trade association that provides services to contract loggers to reduce the cost of doing business, provide critical information, speak with a larger voice than an individual and provide for a safer workplace.
Bonnicksen & Associates Bonnicksen & Associates addresses natural resource and environmental policy issues that involve competing interests, multiple perspectives, complex relationships, and the need to foresee the consequences of alternative strategies to avoid unwanted side effects.
Forest Industry Network Forest Industry Network (FIN) provides an online forum and marketplace for all aspects of the forest industry through their web site.
IndustryLink - Facilitating the availability of industry related resources on the Internet, with a wealth of information easily categorized and quickly accessible.
Associated California Loggers - We produce and transport the material for the forest products business, a significant part of California’s economy.
American Tree Farm System - Sustaining forests, watersheds, and healthy habitats through the power of private stewardship.
Washington State Legislature -Washington State Legislature site and links for government.
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