Western Forests and America's Forests
2015 Calendars
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Managed Forests • Sustainable Ecosystems by award winning photographer: Mike McMurray

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The real story about our Nation's forests... public and private.

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We produce America's Forests
Western Forests Calendars
- which cover
major forestry issues and sound,
sustainable management.
Produced since 1990, over 670,000 have been distributed world-wide, imprinted with company messages and information of their design.

by award winning photographer: Mike McMurray

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These beautifully photographed full color calendars have been acclaimed as "a positive force in bringing about renewed appreciation of sound forest management practices and the many contributions our wood products industry provide."

Produced now for 24 years, (since 1990), internationally respected photographer Mike McMurray, captures the breathtaking beauty found in our managed forests and captions each photo with a marvelous story about the need to continue managing our nations's forests. He has covered over 1,500,000 miles of our national, state and private forestlands, examining the various elements and methods of forest management used today, proving that a managed forest can not only provide wood, paper and lumber products, but also be managed for wildlife, beauty and a host of other multiple-use resources.

Mike photographs the diverse and spectacular forests of America, exploring the many and unique characteristics of proper forest management which tells a universal story about North America's managed forestlands and the many benefits derived by us all.

There are 13 full color photographs, printed on a heavy 10 pt. stock and spiral bound. Unfolded size is 12" wide x 20" tall.

Each month is magnificently captured in a special photo that seasonally portrays our renewable forests at their finest. A full description of each month's photo tells a story about sustainable management and the importance it plays in the health, beauty and vitality of our forests. Every year we capture new and distinct images that help tell the story of managed forests.

All photos are current images, so they portray up-to-date information with locations listed. Each photo is taken within 100 yds. of an existing road, thereby being accessible to anyone and helping to stress the importance of road access.

Send a message that will be appreciated for the full year by your customers, friends, congressmen, senators and others. Help demonstrate the importance our forests mean to all of us and how much we depend on their resources for the many and diverse products which enhance and enrich our daily lives, as well as the millions of jobs they provide all across the country. Our Forests are a Renewable Resource... provided that we manage them for the greatest majority of opportunities.

INCLUDED - There is a full 12" x 1-3/4" area available for your name, address, phone and/or message area which extends below the calendar and is visible for the full year. You may include your logo and any information you wish. Just let us know what you would like in that area. We will prepare your message and send it back to you for approval prior to printing. Message area is printed in black, however other colors may be added for an additional charge.

(Supported and Endorsed by Wood Products Associations & Companies throughout North America.)

Managed Forests Are A Renewable & Sustainable Resource
and make the best ecological sense... locally & globally!

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