Western Forest - October 2015

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Blackfeet Tribal Lands - And Glacier National Park, Montana Rockies - St. Marys, Montana
Looking across the lake to the left, out of this shot, are dead forests. These were burned a few years ago in a wild fire. Within Glacier National Park nothing will be done with those burned trees. However, just to the left of the mountains, is Blackfeet Tribal Lands. They did do something with their burned timber. Barely had the fires ceased and they were salvage logging their timber to realize the greatest value left in the logs. The longer you wait after a fire, the less value the lumber will have. They were able to salvage millions of board feet of timber. Salvage logging removes the dead material and helps restore the forest much quicker to a healthy state. Dead, burned trees will continue to decay and release CO2. The sooner we can restore a forest to a green, healthy condition the sooner it will heal.

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